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ANC hears pros and cons of Tudor Place plan

The Georgetown Metropolitan sat through a 4 1/2 hour beast of an ANC meeting Monday evening. He leaves us with a partial summary of the meeting, but of what he considers to be the real heart of the meeting: Tudor Place.

Tudor Place has been working on a plan over the past several years to radically overhaul it’s physical plant. As it stands now, the Tudor Place Foundation keeps the property’s vast collection of 17th-20th century artifacts and papers inside the historic home in very unsafe conditions. Since the building is not well designed to prevent fires, floods, pests, and other threats to both the structure and the possessions, the current situation is not sustainable. The proposed plan looks like this (Correction: this is the original plan, however it still gives a general sense where the proposed changes are, although the recent proposal is more scaled back):


It’s somewhat hard to make out, but the new construction is the orangeish blocks.

Depending on your point of view, this is either a tiny addition or a massive addition. And proving the old adage that there are lies, damn lies, and statistics, both sides have compelling numbers. Tudor Place says that currently buildings only cover 3% of the lot’s surface. The proposal only calls for 4% of the land to be covered. Those objecting point out that, hey, that’s a 33% increase!

...In fact they are so concerned, they started a website to express this concern. But so far, this just sounds like a typical zoning fight...

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