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ANC Bill Starrels Lobbies for Voting Rights

Human emancipation is still a work in progress, no doubt. Bringing that ideal closer to reality, Georgetown Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Bill Starrels joined others near Emancipation Hall in the just-opened Capitol Visitor's Center to fight for a D.C. vote in Congress. April 16th is celebrated locally as Emancipation Day when in 1862 President Abraham Lincoln freed slaves in District. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton fittingly picked the day to bolster her fight for a full vote in the House for the District by organizing, with D.C. Vote, for a D.C. lobbying day on Capitol Hill. Besides the tireless Starrels, among the lobbyists were Ward 7 Council member Yvette Alexander and two at-large D.C. Council candidates Clark Ray, supported by popular Georgetown Business Association official Rokas Beresniovas, and the just-announced Kelvin Robinson, former chief of staff to former Mayor Anthony Williams. After a short pep talk from the Congresswoman, the advocates fanned out to persuade the Members. While winning voting rights may weaken gun control laws in the District, Norton says time is running out on congressional support, which is based on a deal whereby Utah would get an extra seat, likely Republican, in the House.