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'American Bred'

In present day Detroit, where the influence of organized crime has diminished, filmmaker Justin Chambers brings it back one more time in his new film “American Bred” as a reminder of one of the lasting crime syndicates that unraveled when lies, mystery and betrayal devoured the trust which held them together. “It’s definitely intense, it’s an intense movie. You know, I really liked movies like the Godfather,” Chambers told Hollywood on the Potomac, “that Mafia genre. It’s really an interesting world when you do pull the curtain back. The things that they do to these people does get pretty violent.”

“The attention span of kids today is not what it used to be,” explained Chambers, “and a lot of them like that energy, lots of stuff going on, shoot ’em up – so I wanted to have that independent feel, tell that story, but surround it with something that really draws audiences in.”