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Alchimie Forever's New Skin Savior

Alchimie Forever is celebrating a milestone launch for the family-owned Swiss skin care brand showroomed in Georgetown. Yes, Ada Polla is President, CEO, co-creator, daughter, and contributor to The Georgetown Dish. Long known for their dermatologist formulated, plant-based, anti-aging line, many Alchimie Forever products are made from extracts of basil, blueberries, grape seeds, green tea, rosemary, tomatoes, turmeric and watercress. Yum!


The long-awaited day cream, Daily Defense SPF23 is the latest in a series of anti-aging products. This one has edelweiss, a tradional Swiss plant which has developed numerous defense mechanisms in order to grow and thrive in high altitudes and protect itself from high-level exposure to UV radiation. edelweiss extract leaves have a layer of filamentary hair on the skin which naturally absorbs UV rays. Alchimie Forever’s signature ingredient, the blueberry, further enhances the formula by helping to quell redness, often amplified by the heat of UV rays, by constricting fine capillaries on the skin. Blueberries are also highly anti-inflammatory and contain multiple antioxidants, including anthocyanins (powerful scavengers of free radicals) and quercetin (an iron chelator that reduces damages caused by oxidants).

Of course, the cream also contains a combination of chemical sunscreens to protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays and to ensure a lightweight and non-greasy formula, ideal for all skin types. To maintain the highest level of protection against skin aging, Daily Defense also contains vitamins C and E, both powerful antioxidants, and a gold-standard duo in skin rejuvenation.

Ada Polla says this about the newest launch, “This is a product that every client has requested since we first launched our line! We worked to create a product that would deliver results but also that our clients (and our team!) would want to use daily, every day, forever. The elegance of the formulation is undeniable.”

Available at Alchimie Forever and at 1010 Wisconsin Avenue. Tel: 202.530.3930