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AI Exhibition at House of Sweden


It’s no surprise that Sweden, home of the Nobel Prize, an award for advancements benefiting humankind, would take a special interest in the immense potential of artificial intelligence. The Swedish approach to developing AI technologies embodies the country’s core tenet of innovation: collaboration.

Just like in the early days of other major technological breakthroughs, like electricity and the internet, some hype about artificial intelligence is overblown and some is not that far off. Its ability to process vast amounts of data and carry out large-scale solutions on the most practical levels (all while improving as it goes) is paradigm-shifting but comes with serious ethical concerns and moral dilemmas.

AI technology can be a critical tool for new levels of discovery in medical research, as well as a means for creating and spreading misinformation. It can make things easier by automating arduous tasks and create more difficulty by analyzing data with an unintentional bias. The key difference lies with who creates an AI application and puts it to work.

This exhibition invites you to explore how various Swedish companies and organizations are developing and implementing artificial intelligence in a way that can lead to a more open society, healthier world, or greener planet. The exhibition is on display now.

Opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays between 12-5 PM.

FREE admission, no registration needed. Government issued photo ID is required to enter House of Sweden (children under 18 are exempted).

House of Sweden is located at 2900 K Street in Georgetown.