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Afghania Opens in Georgetown

Enjoy dishes that date back to the early 1800’s from the Afghan Empire.

Aracosia family is proud to announce the opening of their latest restaurant in the heart of Georgetown. In addition to some favorite dishes from their sister restaurants, Afghania will be offering flavors of the Afghan Frontier.

Welcome to Afghania, where the Steppe of Central Asia meets the Hindu Kush and Suleiman Mountain Range, bordering South Asia. Come and enjoy the warm hospitality, exquisite flavors, and the mystery of the Afghan frontier that so many have been intrigued by.

At Afghania you will enjoy some classical dishes of the warriors from the frontier. Smoked meats, vegetables full of flavor, exotic spices, exquisite flavors and aromas and unmatched hospitality are promised at Afghania.

Afghania is located at 2811 M Street in Georgetown.