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Aaron Mullins premieres Georgetown film

Nobody is Somebody, one of the films that premiered at the Reel Fest DC Festival last week, is the story of a man who loses his job, family and social standing and teeters on the edge of sanity as he struggles for answers and help. Dealing with personal demons, he is driven to the breaking point and finds himself taking drastic actions he never dreamed possible.

Reel Fest DC
Reel Fest DC

The unique aspect about this film was that it was truly local. “With CDIA located in Georgetown, our production was provided a unique opportunity to film in some perfect outdoor locations. The aesthetics in this historic part of the city are amazing, so there wasn't a lack of great choices,” said Aaron Mullins, the film’s writer, director and producer.

In 2009, Reel Fest was formed in Boston to showcase films and music outside of the mainstream. 2011 marks the first year in which Reel Fest was introduced to the Washington, D.C. community at the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts(CIDA) in Georgetown.

A Jacksonville, Florida native, Mullins created the film this past summer for an assignment. “I wanted it to be a modern tale of what people were going through,” said Mullins, whose early career was in government and politics, working on Capitol Hill. When he lost a job, Mullins saw an opportunity and decided to “take the jump” and go to film school. He had always had a passion for film, sometimes seeing two movies on a Saturday afternoon. Mullins called it, “A treat to myself.” Adding, “It was less about the actors and more about the directors.” He studied at the CIDA in Georgetown from January to September of this year.

Nobody is Somebody was shot in two days at Georgetown at Waters Alley, the canal off Thomas Jefferson Street, and Caesars Diner in Crystal City, VA. “It was edited in about a week, which is a pretty quick turnaround,” Mullins told The Georgetown Dish. The film features local actors who auditioned for the roles.

Erica Finkelstein
Erica Finkelstein

While the film is only about fifteen minutes, that’s all it takes to become completely immersed in the story. By the end, viewers can truly sympathize with the main character.

Mullins also produced, wrote, and directed The Courageous Love, a documentary based on the first Wesleyan Church in the American South.

In addition to various film projects, Mullins has a new company, Rubacam Productions, which provides script to screen production services for businesses seeking creative online marketing/advertising video.

Nobody is Somebody

Producer/Director - Aaron Mullins

Director of Photography - Tyler Colin Perry

Executive Producer - Ross Stansfield


Mikey - Phil Filsoof

Priest - Matt Cannon

Congresswoman - Kendra North

Congressional Aide - Lewis Feemster

Thug #1 - Wyatt Unger

Thug #2 - Sean James

Thug #3 - Hani Saleem