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It’s August…..a slow month….so we thought we would bring you a bit of Presidential History. Scandals fit in perfectly; no President has escaped them. Just a historical reminder: Andrew Jackson and his marriage; Ulysses S. Grant & his gold scandal; and perhaps most famous of all is ‘Ma, Ma, Where’s my Pa? Gone to The White House, Ha, Ha. Ha’ referring to Grover Cleveland’s out of wedlock child. August 2 is President Warren Harding’s birthday. Here’s the take from This Day in History. Happy Birthday Mr. President.

“In a hotel in San Francisco, President Warren G. Harding dies of a stroke at the age of 58. Harding was returning from a presidential tour of Alaska and the West Coast, a journey some believed he had embarked on to escape the rumors circulating in Washington of corruption in his administration.

Harding, a relatively unremarkable U.S. senator of Ohio, won the Republican presidential nomination in 1920 after the party deadlocked over several more prominent candidates. Harding ran pledging a “return to normalcy” after World War I and in November was elected the 29th U.S. president in a landslide election victory. Conscious of his own limitations, Harding promised to appoint a cabinet representing the “best minds” in America, but unfortunately he chose several intelligent men who possessed little sense of public responsibility.”