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“Those of you who were here last year, those of you who come year in and year out, might be surprised to see me. As you’ll all say, ‘Didn’t he say last year he was going to leave?’ This is an evening to celebrate what is going to be my fifth Spanish National Day in this extraordinary country and this beautiful capital. Last year … that’s why I’m still here … has been a bit of a roller coaster for our country. We’ve been, as you know, without a government for 10 months now, but I’m happy to tell you that by the end of this month, in all likelihood, we’ll have a new government in place and we’ll be able to move forward politically. Despite the political challenges that we’ve undergone, the economy of Spain is continuing its robust recovery. Economic growth has increased. The financial system is stronger and more stable, and new jobs have been created. That doesn’t mean I will not be here next year. I can tell you, I might be. ” We hope so. Ramon Gil-Casares, The Ambassador of Spain, has been an engaging addition to the diplomatic community and celebrating Spain’s National Day was no exception.