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'12 Strong'

If you have acrophobia, 12 Strong is not the movie for you. The mountainous terrain scenes are not for the fainthearted. 12 Strong is the incredible story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11 who were sent to work with the mujahidin to fight the Taliban. The Atlantic Council and the Motion Picture Association of America held a private screening at The National Archives with introductions by Frederick Kempe, President and CEO Atlantic Council and Ambassador Charles Rivkin, Chairman and CEO Motion Picture Association of America. Kempe calls it “a powerful movie about an issue that still is at the center of our plates.” “The heroes in this film are, in many ways, the living embodiment of some of the nation’s founding documents that are housed in this very building. And telling these stories is a part of the mission of the film and television industry and is part of the mission of the Motion Pictures Association,” said Rivkin. “Movies inspire us. They’re often a gateway to understanding complex events that often shape history. They foster important conversations and they tell stories of people who were part of our country’s challenging, but also inspirational moments. They help us understand the meaning of service, of sacrifice and of heroism. 12 Strong is an incredible example of that and I’m really thrilled that we can show it in this form.“