The Road Home for Dish

7:29pm Wednesday I went to Barnes and Noble today and ended up, like always, running into sooo many people I know. I have a friend who makes a point of dressing up when she goes there for this very reason. It can't be avoided--I've tried. I meant to only run in to pick up books my mother ordered, but I ended up spending four hours. First, I ran into a friend who just got engaged over Christmas. Naturally, I had to ooh and aah her ring and get all the details. She went to browse bridal magazines, but my aunt spotted me and came over to chat. I also saw one of my elementary school teachers, but I took evasive maneuvers and fled to the music section. I had almost made it out the door, when I saw one of my best friends and her family. We only chatted for an hour, because we were seeing each other at a party later that night. If you really must pick up something at Barnes and Noble quickly, I recommend you wear a disguise.

10:32pm Monday We spent the weekend at our lake house in the woods. It was so cold we built a fire to warm up the house and then lit the kerosene lamps to make it cozy. Played cards and read books all night.

1:32am Saturday Merry Christmas everyone! What a pleasant day! Even though it snowed all day, our friends and family braved the elements to come to our house for Christmas (they even talked about skiing over!). The plows came through though, and everyone was able to drive without trouble. Mom really thought no one would come at all, and she was surprised when our friends phoned us to announce their imminent arrival. We threw the house and dinner together in an hour, just in time for the doorbell. My friend Allison was disappointed to report that although it snowed this morning, no one rode snowmobiles to church. She had been looking forward to seeing the line of the little snow-vehicles that park in front of the building on such snowy days. After dinner, we forced her brother, who recently learned to play the guitar, (we suspect he wants to impress girls, although he denies it) to entertain us. Later, for dessert, we enjoyed Lady Baltimore cake, cookies and coffee. Hope you had a happy holiday!

5:30am Thursday (Christmas Eve) Wrapping presents, of course! I had a thought for about two seconds that it was pointless to spend so much time wrapping gifts when they will only be torn open in about 4 hours, but then I came to my senses. Gifts are much more fun if they are wrapped! When I was little, I was always able to guess what was in each package. I never peeked at my gifts before they were wrapped, but I always knew what was in each one. My dad was eventually so annoyed with me that he started to disguise presents. He would put small books in giant boxes and add beans or bells to others. Despite all his efforts, I still knew what was each box contained. I just learned to lie to dad.

6:23am Wednesday Holiday travel not too bad. While the lines at the airport are long, they do move quickly. If you only bring a carry on, you can jump to the front of the line. Prepare for security checks while you wait and it will go much faster. Be patient and polite and you will have a smooth trip.

11:10am Wednesday Detroit airport nearly deserted. There’s no one here. Bad economy? Fellow passengers report a relatively short wait through security and check-in-- about 15 minutes. There's a huge storm headed for Minnesota, but I should just miss the weather! And did I mention there is free wi-fi here?

2:20pm Wednesday Arrived at home. I had a row all to myself, which was great. I listened to Christmas music the whole way. The dog came to pick me up.

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Jon and Zach

Hi Beth!!! Welcome home and congratulations on the blog spot. Looks like you are doing awesome work! Keep it up and enjoy the holidays :)

Jon and Zach