Tommy Hilfiger, Michaele Salahi and Fashion Fight MS

Photo by Janine Schoonover
Tommy Hilfiger introduces the runway show
Tommy Hilfiger introduces the runway show
The glitterati and paparazzi were out in force at The Washington Club Tuesday evening for Fashion Fight MS—raising funds for the National MS Society

The event's honorary co-chairs were Tommy Hilfiger and NYC runway model Shannon Rusbuldt (one of Hilfiger's top models) were on hand to greet guests and introduce the evening’s runway parade of  designs by Hilfiger, and the top Fall collections of other designers such as Hilton Hollis, Nary Manivong and Sir by Joanna Baum with jewelry by Lisa Nik.   Models walked to the music of renowned  runway musician Henri Scars Struck who included everything from Edith Piaf to Led Zeppelin.

Hilfiger opened the show remarking that his sister, who suffers from MS, inspired him to help raise much needed funds to battle this disease stating that this is a “real fashion show for a real great reason.”  

Guests included Hilfiger, Tareq and Michaele Salahi (who had a little problem balancing on her shoes on the runway but did, in all fairness, look resplendent in the red dress she modeled),  Chris Broullier, the National Capitol Chapter President of the MS Society and Sophie Pyle and Katherine Kennedy of the Blonde Charity Mafia.  
Michaele Salahi in red (Photo by: Janine Schoonover) Michaele Salahi in red

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These people make me sick! She does not have MS, and I have seen other sites where people are witholding donations to the MS Society because the Salahi's shameful, lying cheating name is now connected to it. I have a dear friend who truly suffers with this illness, and it is like slapping her in the face for this liar to claim that she has it! They should be prosecuted for their offense against the US President and the American people, and then they should be promptly forgotten about.


I guess since Salahi says she has MS they are to be forgiven for all the money they have stiffed and the charity scams they have run. Oh ya...and that White House problem
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The interview with Tommy Hilfiger on NBC showed he had no idea who Michaele Salahi was. I am sure he would not want to be associated with this fraudster if he knew. Especially this one little detail: SHE DOES NOT HAVE MS!!!


Shes hot! WOW!!


I thought Salahi was supposed to be a model, just like she said she was a Washington Redskin Cheerleader I'm thinking. She has big hips, legs with now shape and can't walk in heels, what does that tell you. Another want a be fixation of the Salahi duo. I wish they would just go away and not keep trying to be something they are not and bringing discredit upon others.


This event looks like it took place in someone 60's era basement.


I would confirm her MS, since she is such tells lies and never shows proof of anything she says. Tommy Watch Out!


Having the Salahis at an MS fashion show is like having Bernie Madoff at a pension fund awards dinner.

Not fooled

After all their involvment in charity scams and current investigations/convictions for fraudulant money related crimes how can the MS Society actally allow her to participate? Sad to see an organization like the MS Society lose credibility because of poor choices like this.

And sorry Tommy, you have just lost a customer due to your involvement with Michela Salahi...You a big enough business man to know that things like this should be vetted.

Joan Galgano

All I have to say is that Michaele Salahi looked beautiful! To the few haters who are jealous , let your jealousy go, your mean actions will only come back to you. That is just how life goes. Hate cosumes the person who has it. Jealousy won't get you ahead.

Michaele we love you and see you at the next event.
These few women are really jealous.

Sheryl Lynn

The event was really well done. Like everything Tommy does.
Michaele lit up the runway. The red was the best! I am sorry to see that these same few women that are jealous of Michaele are on every blog driven with hate to her.
God Bless you Michaele.


I am shocked that they would associate this charity and event with the Salahi's. To promote an event on the backs of these disreputable people is insane. In the past I have been very generous at many MS events but that is not something I will do in the future. I personally have chosen to boycott anything that has to do with these people. That now means Tommy Hilfiger! I can't be the only one that feels this way.


Sounds very much like Michaele,Missy, Mechelle what ever her name is. The only way she lights up a room is with a flash light. Get real!


I hope she DOESN'T have MS. That said, I think it was poor taste for Hilfiger to have the Salahi's present at this time. Michaele looks good. Funny, she never seemed to have a "balance" issue before all the hoopla and the now famous surprise MS announcement.

Posers they are. People need to just forget about them. Life will take care of them, I am certain. I don't wish them ill, I just like others want them to go away, fascinating as they are. *L*

Wil Brill

Let's all be real.

The jealousy has consumed the same few women who are so jealous of Michaele for her style, kindness, and beauty.
The hate remains with you - the few, "the haters" and we all know who you are "anonymous". Stay with that name . That is where you belong. Unknown and hiding is where you belong.

Michaele keeps living her life and looking good doing it.

God help those who post here "anonymous" . Anyone who makes fun of someone else with this anger for an illness, is really not in a good place. Hope you all get better someday.