Student Group Aims to Encourage More Solar Panel Use

Last week, GM previewed tonight’s ANC meeting. One of the items is a presentation on the topic of solar energy by some group labeled Georgetown Energy. A Google search didn’t come up with an answer what exactly this group is. But hanging off the doorknobs of Georgetown yesterday was the answer. Georgetown Energy is a group of G.U. students who are committed to encouraging more solar panel use by area residents.

The website provides a couple handy guides such as one on the merits of installing solar panels. The group uses as a model a coop that was created in Mount Pleasant. But how likely is it that solar panels can find much of a home in Georgetown? More Information

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Thank you Georgetown students for paying attention to energy. I'm hopeful that you will pay close attention to the developing (approx. 6" x 6" x6" ) black box that has been produced by a young fellow in India (60 Minutes piece) that can produce all the electricity a home could need--OFF THE GRID and SELF SUSTAINING. Don't let this thing disappear off the radar screen through a patent purchase by powers that want to keep the status quo' Please give us a report on your thoughts and ideas. Over the last eight dacades I've seen many great ideas that serve the public interest "disappear"--never heard about again. Maybe George Soros and many other super-rich men who share these values will unite on this, too. Bless you for your good works.