Drinking Oasis but not the Kool-aid at Tackle Box

Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the ominous White House party crashers, may be getting their own reality show; but guests of The Georgetown Dish after party were drinking their family wine. “Oasis” was offered compliments of Yeas & Nays’ columnist Nikki Schwab who picked up a bottle over the weekend. Consensus: No offense to the family business, but we don’t blame Tareq for the troubled vineyard.

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All i know, is Oasis rocked when Tareq Salahi was there and those amazing events. He does make great wines, and his Champagne is awesome.

Sorry to hear about the family turmoil, but you know what - all familys have crap in their life. Its okay man - we love Oasis and you Tareq. Hang in there man.


I'm glad the Scumbag Salahis have been humiliated in the media. They're both crooked, dishonest scumbags with no trace of decency whatsover. Fuck them, fuck their vineyard, and I hope that when all their creditors are done picking their bones clean, they're left wearing nothing but a barrel.