Charm Jewelry: One Store Fits All

There is a wonderful sensation when you step into Charm, a new M St. jewelry store in Georgetown, for the first time.  The clean white walls make the extravagant and colorful jewelry pop and the crystal white chandelier shines glistening light throughout the room.   This new jewelry store is owned by Jaclyn Mason, who formerly worked with her sister at Wink, also on M.

 “I wanted to have a jewelry store in Washington that catered to everyone,” Mason said. “To have a store packed with jewelry and accessories from $18 to $3,000.” 

Charm’s lively and beautiful jewelry is for anyone.  From the excited tourists ready to splurge to the working college students with a budget, anyone can find a piece they like that is affordable.   Mason said the store has over 30 different designers from different areas across the world.  She travels to places such as South America, Europe, Middle East and New York, hand-picking the pieces she feels would best fit the theme of her store.  

“I have ‘real’ things that only use diamonds, gold and real stones, but I also have things with dyed stones, more costume jewelry.  It’s about getting the best-looking product that looks right on you, even if it is costume jewelry.  The key is that we really want to make things affordable here.” 

However, it is not just affordability that Mason aspires to have, she also wants to make her jewelry more accessible.  Mason says she will also do house calls and anything from parties to going to patrons who can’t get to the store as easily.  She invites anyone in to experience the beauty of her jewelry.  Charm truly is a unique jewelry shopping experience.

 “There are other stores that sell these sorts of things, but I felt like there was so much displacement.  I want it to be like a clothing store, where you can just come in and focus on getting accessories.”

By Kenzie Andelin