Woman punched while pushing stroller

A Hyde-Addison Elementary school parent pushing a stroller was assaulted Monday while walking her first-grade son and younger child home from school. The incident happened after the woman tried to navigate around a group of youths standing at Wisconsin Ave. and O Street. When the woman asked the youths to move, one of the girls punched her in the left eye, using racial epithets.

Two store owners and other witnesses came to the aid of the woman, who called 911. Police in squad cars chased the group of youths, who had boarded a Metrobus on Dumbarton Street. D.C. MPD made several arrests with positive identification of the suspects by the witnesses. 

The victim has said she will press charges.

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The mother and the community should also determine what school those kids attend. Odds are extremely high that they are out of boundary, and the principal has the authority to expel them immediately and send them back to their own neighborhood.

The DISH should stay on this story and find out what actions - if any - the DCPS takes against the students in order to protect the community.

Simon Jacobsen

Expelling them will not solve the problem, only make it worse.


That's right, Simon. We should all buy them ice cream.


We're likely buying their ice cream, indirectly, anyway. America is doomed. Ay yi yi...


Everyday you see teenager hanging around
O street at Wingo . The store should encourage them to move
After being cater to. The police know this is a hangout for

L. Denise


(I have attended both private and public schools outside of my district and I turned out fine...and I buy my own ice cream, thank you very much.)

A student should be able to attend any school they choose, if their grades are up to par and they meet admission requirements. Your zip code doesn't denote your smarts. Where you live isn't (or shouldn't be) indicative of where you are allowed to learn. God-forbid a change in your comfy financial situation cause you to move FROM 20036 TO, say, 20018. Then what? Should your child then be transferred to the "better" area code?

This is an unfortunate --but not uncommon-- incident. I'm more concerned with her children's concerns for safety, than zoning rules and crap. Bad things happen EVERYWHERE. After all, this IS America. We've been 'doomed' for awhile now.


I've also had a problem at Wisconsin & O streets... I was harassed for money outside the CVS then followed when I didn't give it to the "young man". The individual only left me alone after I stopped, got out my cell phone and watched and waited for him to pass. He knew that I knew what he was doing. He was a Hardy student. I could tell by the navy/khaki uniform the students wear. It was also sometime after school let out.


I commend this woman for her willingness to press charges against these kids. They need to understand that we don't live in a lawless society and there are consequences associated with punching another person.

How sad that you can't even walk through Georgetown anymore without being assaulted for your phone or as you make your way home. I am really glad that the witnesses nearby helped to catch these kids and hope the DISH does continue to report on the outcome of this story.

Dave Roffman

We should put up a tall fence all around Georgetown, with barbed wire on top.........no, wait a minute, that's Arizona.

Never mind....

A Georgetown Resident

I blame Georgetown University, as they are the demon behind everything evil and wrong both close to and far from campus. It was no doubt the G2 bus route that these "students" took, which originates at Georgetown University. So lets do away with that Metro bus route as well, in hopes that the University will shutter its doors and then all the georgetown residents will be able to sleep better at night and drive through empty streets during rush hours!!!

Holly Morse Caldwell

I thought sharing the specifics of what happened to us on Monday important. I am still trying to confirm where these "kids" go to school. The girl who punched me had just turned 18. I feel sorry for her as I can tell you, since I was there, the group of kids completely egged her on, she was peer pressured into doing what she did. She could have punched me a lot harder. She didn't because I KNOW her heart wasn't in it. She was pressured. That's the saddest part of this whole thing. We, as a community are failing these kids and this is the sad result.
My son and I are completely fine, that is the good news. However, the bad news and unfortunate aspect of Monday's occurrence is that it took place where we all live, our neighborhood, our HOME. Inevitably this makes us and many other people choosing to live and raise our families in Georgetown question that decision because at the end of the day this is possibly just a losing battle that we can't seem to win and does not merit putting our children in harms way on a daily basis and still feel we are making a responsible decision doing so. "Why?" is an inevitable question.
We are active participants in Georgetown in every imaginable way. Our children attend Hyde-Addison and Children's House of Washington. We have opened our house to the Georgetown House Tour to support the Georgetown ministries, we hosted the Hyde Progressive Dinner for two years in order to raise money for our neighborhood school, I authored City Baby DC touting the positives of raising kids in this city and speak on Fox 5 on that subject alone. I can go on and on but you get the point. We love living here for so many, many reasons and are simply saddened, disheartened and deflated that no matter how hard we all try to make this a livable neighborhood it may be a losing battle.

The details of Monday's occurrence:
Yesterday, Monday, June 6 at 5:00 PM while walking home from Hyde-Addison on O Street (where my son Connor Caldwell attends the first grade), my friend and I and my four-year-old son Charlie, whom I was pushing in our stroller went to cross the cross-walk on Wisconsin Avenue where O Street dead ends. When we got to the other side of the cross walk there was a group of kids hanging out and talking and blocking the sidewalk completely. Not able to navigate the stroller neither through nor around the group to continue up Wisconsin, I said "Excuse me, please." at which point the group looked up at us, deliberately not letting us pass and one of the girls in the group responded, "You're excused." At which point I sternly responded, "Please move out of the way." At this point, they moved out of the way while saying, "Stupid white b****" and "F*** You B****" to me, my friend and my son in the stroller. I turned around and said to them "watch your language," at which point one of the girls walked up to me and punched me in my left eye. Immediately a passer-by ran up to my friend and said, "I just saw the whole thing" and two store owners ran out to us and said "call the police!" At that point I dialed 911 and the group of four took off running down Wisconsin and left onto Dumbarton Street. My friend and the other witness (a student at Georgetown University) ran after them. We watched them get onto the bus which proceeded down Dumbarton Street. I relayed all of this as well as their description to the 911 operator while my friend and the other witness continued down Dumbarton behind the bus. The 911 operator communicated that there were squad cars dispatched and as we were going down Dumbarton we saw the two squad cars looking for the bus, we hailed them down and pointed them in the direction of the bus. I walked Charlie back to our house at 3037 O Street where two officers were waiting to take my statement. The bus was finally pulled over at one of its' stops on P Street between 26th and 27th Streets in front of the Baptist Church and across from JP Antiques store. Three additional squad cars arrived on the scene. The officers pulled all of the bus passengers off of the bus and had my friend and the other witness identify the four people and specifically the person who had punched me. At this point, my husband arrived home in order to stay with our four-year-old at our house while one of the officers drove me to P and 26th Street so that i could positively I.D. the woman, which I did and at which point the woman was arrested. I have pressed charges. I am waiting for a court date.


This poor woman! As a teenager I hung out in Georgetown; in college years I worked retail right near the corner of Wisconsin Ave and O St.

There was always hussle and bustle. Their were always young kids hanging around--this is the norm. But come on? punching someone because they are trying to get by? This is someone already looking for a fight.

I'm glad these kids were arrested and that this young mother is pressing charges. Otherwise, it will give all kids who hang out in Georgetown a bad name--in boundary kids as well as out of boundary kids.


If this women was my wife she would have a stun gun and pepper spray on her at all times....these packs of teenagers roaming the streets & metro have to be treated as what they are.....gangster tugs....and hold their parents responsible....??!!??

Annemarie Ryan

In early April around 4pm I was at the corner of 33rd and Wisconsin across from Amano waiting for a friend to finish up a purchase. A group of three young girls in their early teens coming up Wisconsin started walking faster and faster towards me and started talking loudly about my purse, jacket etc that I was wearing. i pulled out my cell phone to act like I was making a call. Two of the girls split around me and stopped behind me and then the third came face to face with me and stopped in front of me. Thank goodness at that exact moment, a shopper came out of Amano and was looking right across at the scene. The third young girl yelled over me to other two girls and said "Next Girl." I was shaken to say the least. I went to my Pilates class the next day over at Hamilton Court and told my trainer, it turns out that this very similar group of young girls had tackled one of her Yoga Instructors a couple of weeks earlier between 30th and 31st and N Street in broad day light as well. They circled her in the same way and pushed her to the ground and tried to take her purse and North Face jacket. These girls are very cute and dressed in street clothes and did not look like they lived in Georgetown. I really paid attention to one of the girls because she looked so much like the actress Gabriella Union. Has anyone else seen this group?


Holly I am glad you, your family and friend are ok. And am thankful that you are pressing charges. But please, do not feel badly for this 18 year old because her friends "egged her on."

We all make choices, and the one she made hurt you. Whether she was prodded or not, our neighbors should be able to walk the streets of our community without fearing they will become the victim of violence.

I was a victim of crime (I was mugged) and at first I felt sorry for the young man (was turned out to be 25 years old) who attacked me because I assumed that he had probably grown up in less than fortunate circumstances and was mugging me to survive. However, when the detective told me he had previously been arrested for assault, carjacking and felony drug trafficking (and the fact that he had mugged two other woman after attacking me to buy drugs) I vowed to press charges and testify against him. The other two women did the same and as a result he was sent to jail for 8 years (and for drug treatment).

My point is, if we don't hold these kids accountable for their actions they will go on to hurt others and we can't let that happen. While I am all in favor of providing more resources to our schools and volunteering in the community to support at risk kids and encourage them to become productive members of society, at the end of the day when they endanger those around them, they need to understand they will be held liable for their actions and they can't just hop on a bus and get away with it.


I agree with Simon and I am sorry that the young children had to witness this.

Holly Morse Caldwell

Listen, I completely agree that these people need to be held accountable otherwise I would not have called the police, chased them down, be pressing charges, hiring an attorney and showing up in court. That is a mute point. I do however believe, which I think we all agree on, that all of this comes back to our screwed up government which unfortunately obviously governs our school systems which are some of the worst in the country, our police force, which is one of the worst in the country. DC is mismanaged and these basic civil liberties/institutions/amenities if you will that should be considered a "given" anywhere but especially when we pay some of the highest taxes in the country are all set up for complete failure and that is at the root of Monday's one incident which is by no measure an isolated one. I have LIVED not just visited but LIVED many different places in the world including, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bangkok, Boston and Switzerland. Never in my life have a ever experienced anything like the racism, failing school systems and government, the crime, etc. never like here in DC, NEVER.
In addition, I have yet to hear an action plan or any real follow up from Jack Evan's offices or from CAG who are supposed to be Georgetown's conduit/mediatory to DC's executive branch for issues such as these. Enough talking we need to do something, something other than moving to Bethesda. ugh. Holly


I'm sorry to hear about this incident, but delighted that the victim is prepared to press charges and that the alleged perp is 18+ so that she can be charged in adult court. There appear to be no mitigating circumstances, so this young woman ought to be jailed for assault. Let the word be that this community (and I don't mean just Georgetown--I would say the same wherever in DC this sort of thing would happen) will not accept that sort of conduct.

Does anybody know if she is behind bars now?


"Youths" - I love that new euphemism.


The cognitive dissonance and guilt on display in some of these comments boggles the mind, and is the ONLY reason these sorts of things are allowed to happen. As for that court date, why bother even showing up? The very same guilty mindset so prevalent in some of these comments has infested our criminal justice system - that "youth" is likely to get nothing but a slap on the wrist and will be out on the streets (the exact same streets they know you walk on) the very next day. When will you stop feeling sorry for them? When they've punched your child in the face? When they've robbed you at gunpoint? When they've really harmed someone you love?


BTW, the police force that you label "one of the worst in the country" (Really? Worse than the trigger-happy NYPD and LAPD? Worse than corrupt NOPD? Worse than the hopelessly incompetent and ineffective BPD? Despite our record low crime and our outstanding Chief Lanier?) did catch your attacker. As for the racism which you're insinuating is at the root cause of you being punched in the face, are you referring to racism towards blacks? Because DC's government is overwhelming black, from the mayor to the council to the MPD and the school system. So I'm a bit confused as to how "racism" caused a black girl to punch you in the face while her friends called you a "stupid white bitch."


What a ridiculous story. So, did the victim even go to the hospital?


Black or white......It is a hate crime and should be charged as such.


I'm SO sorry to hear this... just awful. While it's good to know full details, I'd be bit wary about sharing so many personal details about where your kids go to school and where your family lives- you never know all the wackos out there. This incident is just proof of that!!


I wish I could say I'm surprised that the main stream media has completely ignored this story, but I'm not. A woman was attacked in Georgetown, punched in the face right in front of her child - normally the sort of thing that would lead at 11:00. And yet, not a peep from NBC4, Fox5, ABC 7, etc. Cognitive dissonance (or rather, something much, much more sinister) is a powerful phenomena.