President Obama at Key Bridge November 2

Photo by Elise Scanlon Law Group
Georgetown's Key Bridge
Georgetown's Key Bridge

President Obama is scheduled to give a speech Wednesday morning at Georgetown Waterfront Park.  The location, near Key Bridge, will serve as a visual reminder of the crumbling infrastructure his proposed American Jobs Act would address. The Key Bridge was ranked as one the bridges in the District that needed immediate repair according to Transportation for America.

His plea to Congress will begin at 11:30 am, and will focus on the jobs that could be created with more time, energy, and most importantly, money, for infrastructure development. In a speech on September 12, President Obama spoke about the bill, “We’ve got roads that need work all over the country. Our highways are backed up with traffic, our airports are clogged and there are millions of unemployed construction workers who can rebuild them. So let’s pass this bill so road crews and diggers and pavers and works, they can all head back to the job site. There is plenty of work to do. This jobs bill will help them to do it.”