Oak Hill Cemetery Walking Tour Oct. 18

Photo by oakhillcemeterydc.org
Oak Hill Cemetery
Oak Hill Cemetery

Join a Walking Tour of Georgetown’s Historic Oak Hill Cemetery on Sunday, October 18, 2020 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Register here.


The resting place of many famous persons from the antebellum, Civil War and contemporary eras, Oak Hill Cemetery is 22 acres filled with stunning nature and stone memorials overlooking Rock Creek Park..

(Photo by: Oak Hill Cemetery via Facebook)

The action-packed itinerary will draw from:

• The grave of Lincoln’s son

• The creators of the Computer Age

• A private tour of James Renwick’s chapel

• The son of the man who survived a duel with President Andrew Jackson

• The home of Georgetown’s Founding Family

• Ambassadors and Secretaries of State

• The architect of Eastern Market and the National Portrait Gallery

• The handsome fellow & the femme fatale who sparked DC’s worst sex scandal

• The D.A. murdered by a Congressman

• Descendants of Martha Washington

• The stately mausoleum designed by the architect of Capitol Building and Arlington National Cemetery.

• The grave of the President of the Confederacy, before it was moved


Oak Hill Cemetery is located at 3001 R Street in Georgetown.