Jack Evans, ANC voice "disappointment" with GU Campus Plan

D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans is expressing "disappointment" with Georgetown University’s 2010-2020 proposed Campus Plan, saying, “I was disappointed to learn that the University’s proposed campus plan does not include any significant action to move more undergraduate students onto the main campus."
Evans noted in a written statement released by his office that the proposal does not include its original plans for the so-called "1789 property," or an earlier-proposed 80-foot-plus heating and cooling chimney.
“While I do appreciate the University compromising on the 1789 block and the smokestack, clearly the most important issue to the neighborhood and the single issue not addressed by the plan, is relocating undergraduate students back to campus,” Evans said.
“I will continue to work with the community to ensure that the University comes forth with a viable plan for moving the majority of undergraduates back to the main campus,” he said.

Georgetown ANC Chairman Ron Lewis announced that the ANC will hold a special meeting devoted to the University's expansion plan and said the ANC will work closely with Evans as the Zoning Commission consider's the University's proposal in upcoming hearings.

"I'm very disappointed" with the University's proposal, said ANC Commissioner Bill Starrels.

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California Hoya

Are you kidding me? Over 80% of undergraduate students live on what is considered "on campus" housing. It's the highest percentage of DC area colleges. And if you're talking about on campus as in within the Healy Gates... there is no more room to build any more on-campus housing. The campus is overcrowded as it is. The Southwest Quad opened in 2003, and drastically increased the number of undergrads living on campus. Georgetown can't do any more.

The Tatler

The arrogant smoke stack was never a serious consideration because it would have been denied by the old georgetown board.

the university does have space for housing on campus. and it's a lie to say it don't. :)

thanks to mr evans.

John Kenchelian

God forbid we limit the amount of pollution in your neighborhood. You're right we're completely arrogant.
If you can point out one spot on campus(you probably don't even know what it looks like) that can be developed with housing without making campus look terrible and overcrowded, be my guest. Until then you're welcome for the rent.

The Tatler

Ha John. you're modest proposal is an insulting lie. there is NOTHING modest about it. and, u make it sound like the Georgetown campus is a place of beauty already ! i know the campus John. I'm there at the gym almost every morning. so please get your lies straight before you tip over in your rocker...

@The Tatler

Please respond to John's challenge then, if you know campus so well. Look at an overhead image of Georgetown University and identify one, just ONE, place where you believe a substantial number of undergraduates can be housed.

Until you can do that, please keep your ad hominems to yourself.

John Kenchelian

@The Tatler
If you're at the gym every morning then you have no business complaining about this campus plan. Would you approve of improving Yates or would that destroy the "historic" nature of what you consider Georgetown?
"u make it sound like the Georgetown campus is a place of beauty already! i know the campus John."
Really you know the campus? Well then you're seeing what you want to see. The only ugly building on campus is Lauinger. If you want to see ugly, look at Burleith, and even some places in West Georgetown. You cannot claim to both want to preserve the historic nature of Georgetown, specifically by opposing the "blasphemy" that would be the smokestack and then turn around and claim our campus isn't beautiful. You simply can't.