govino Wine Glasses

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16 ounce wine glass
16 ounce wine glass

”Just one word. Plastics.” Even before that now memorable line in the 1967 film, The Graduate about where the future lay, I had an appreciation for synthetic moldables. At nine, on a family trip to Orlando, given the choice between Disney World and Tupperware City, I chose, yup, that’s right. After all, what was more exciting than meeting the folks who came up with burping seal lids?

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Not that I don’t also enjoy more precious materials. My collection of Richard Sapper-designed Alessi Cintura stainless-lined copper cookware ranks high on the list. But good design is good design.

The first Pick o’ the Week is a keeper. I’ll do my best to stick to well-priced cool stuff available in Georgetown.

All that was missing from that carefully curated selection of crystal bar and stemware was the right outdoor wine glass. Until now.

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Even the name is perfect.  govino. They also make an 8 ounce flute and 12 ounce cocktail, but the 16 ounce wine glass does it for me. Made from “food-safe, BPA-free polymer, it reflects a wine's color and aromatics much like crystal.”

Thumbprint indentation, comfortable in-the-hand 'stemless wine' shape, thin lip for easy sipping.  And almost identical to my ultra-thin, extremely breakable Elsa Peretti® Thumbprint brandy snifters for Tiffany.


Four-pack, $12.95 at CB2, 3307 M Street. Tel: 202.333.6204

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sound great for the next deck party. have to look into the flutes.