A Councilmember’s first full day on the job

Photo by The Georgetown Dish
New Councilmember Sekou Biddle with top aide Adam Rubinson fills out the first-day paperwork
New Councilmember Sekou Biddle with top aide Adam Rubinson fills out the first-day paperwork

The City Council’s newest member, Sekou Biddle, fresh from his win in the Democratic State Committee did what

Office waiting to be filled (Photo by: The Georgetown Dish) Office waiting to be filled
anybody usually does on their first day on Monday– fill out paperwork to get paid, interview potential staffmembers and arrange the furniture.  

And of course, Biddle has to think of getting the 3,000 signatures to get on the ballot for the April 26th special election, creating a legislative record to run on and raising money to run his campaign

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The Tatler

it would be wise for this individual to hire temps only


So glad that Biddle was appointed to replace Kwame Brown on the City Council. Vincent Orange is a loser. He ran for mayor and Faith was the only candidate he surpassed. He ran for Council chair and was slaughtered by Kwame Brown. He lost a recent straw poll in Ward 6 although he had served for two terms on the council. On last Thursday, Orange experienced another defeat. Orange doesn't lack the skills to be an effective leader but he fails to connect with voters. Biddle deserves the chance to carry the Democratic banner because he's bright, hard working and a more likely winner in the April election.


Great article. Who is the G'Town Saucer?


Oh please, this guy is weak. The word on the street is that he cannot not even known in in ward 4, where he lives.

But tell me this, Rubinson worked on the Gray campaign. Biddle worked on the Fenty campaign. Biddle worked the polls for Fenty on primary day and the general. He had big green Fenty stickers on and was giving out literature for the Fenty camp??? Now Rubinson is an aide to Biddle?? Does Mayor Gray know that Biddle did not SUPPORT him for mayor and Gray is supporting Biddle?? Wow, how does that work?


The real question mark is Rubinson. He was heavily supportive of Fenty until it looked like he was going to lose, then Rubinson jumped ship to Gray. Who is this opportunist? He claims he gave up a big job with Deloitte to support Gray.