Council struggles with monitoring leased city cars

Waste, abuse and maybe a little fraud? The controversy surrounding Council Chair Kwame Brown’s twin SUVs heated up Monday and looks to get even stickier at the Council’s legislative session Tuesday.  Early Monday morning Councilmember Tommy Wells released a report detailing chaotic management of the District’s fleet cars and many, many apparently-illegal gas guzzling SUVs.  The report states that Kwame Brown "inappropriately requested" one and then two SUVs.  Click Here to download the Preliminary Findings on Procurement and Use of DC Official Vehicles.

Late Monday, Councilmembers Jack Evans and Sekou Biddle issued a press release stating that they would “introduce legislation that would require Mayoral and Council approval for all new and expired District vehicle leases” in the Council’s Tuesday legislative session. “We are determined to phase out all District leased vehicles that are not essential for daily work-related activities,” said Evans in the release.  “This legislation will require a clear justification for the use of any and all vehicles leased by the city.”

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In my day, they used to call such things "boondoggles". If the Council achieves nothing else, its unrelenting oversight into the rampant misuse of the citizens' money--cars, travel expenses, etc.--will earn the gratitude of all residents. What's so demeaning about taking a taxi? Even the heads od Federal agencies do it.


I went over the report submitted by Councilmam Wells (thank you, Sir) on the misuse and abuse of the DC fleet of cars. It only scratches the surface because the system is foot-dragging in response to his requests for full info. This is a big deal. We wait to see if DC uses its power to force full disclosure.