Work halted at collapsed Wisconsin Avenue building

Photo by Judith Beermann
1424 Wisconsin Avenue first week in Janaury 2012
1424 Wisconsin Avenue first week in Janaury 2012

Photos taken in early January show workmen clearing out debris and rubble at 1424 Wisconsin Avenue before a stop work order was issued January 5, 2012 by D.C. Historic Preservation inspectors Toni Cherry and Keith Lambert for work conducted without a building permit.

(Photo by: Judith Beermann)

A Thanksgiving Day implosion at the unoccupied Georgetown building on Wisconsin Avenue resulted in the property and neighboring buildings being boarded up pending an investigation into the cause of the collapse.

According to Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, the building owner needs to come forth and request a hearing before work can resume.



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Charlie Eason

What few people know is that Toni Cherry and Keith Lambert are the ONLY Historic Preservation inspectors for the entire city.

Georgetown isn't the only designated area (although some folks seem to think so), so they really are stretched thin. Give them a "YEA" when you can. I think of them as the "dynamic duo! :)