'Wonder Woman 1984' in Georgetown

Photo by Cathy Kerkam
Commander Salamnder storefront recreated for "Wonder Woman 1984"
Commander Salamnder storefront recreated for "Wonder Woman 1984"

Written by Cathy Kerkam


Extras in costume (Photo by: Cathy Kerkam) Extras in costume

It's 7:00am on a gorgeous June morning - lovely, still and quiet which is the best time in Georgetown. I'm out on a dog walk, heading to Constance Chatfield-Taylor’s house to grab her for coffee. As I get to her house, I realized there were no SUVs in sight ... as far as the eye could see, only vintage cars from the 80's lined P Street and there at the end, was iconic punk boutique Commander Salamander.


Ah, the Wonder Woman sequel.  I had forgotten about the filming. Flashback to middle/high school and long trips in the old Plymouth station wagon with lots of noxious fumes ... then a memory of feeling so cool shopping at iconic punk boutique Commander Salamander for pins for my jean jacket when it was oh, so hip to wear them. I remember when the shop closed. Like other Georgetown stalwarts, it was hard to see it go.


What a treat this morning was! 

(Photo by: Cathy Kerkam)

The men in the photos live in NY and their profession? They source vintage cars, provide them and drive them on movie sets. How cool. No desk job for these guys. They love it, although they said it sometimes feels like paint drying. Each car along P Street had a driver - some in period outfits -  lurking about somewhere with a radio, just waiting to get the call to jump into action. A few cars were idling, filling the street with fumes. They had no idea how long they would wait. I asked if Wonder Woman would be driving one of these beauties, but no, sadly not.

One last thought - I LOVE the old DC license plates!