Why aren’t better restaurants coming to Georgetown?

Photo by Jeff Malet
M Street at night
M Street at night

"Georgetown long ceased to be the buzzy must-be place for the next hot new thing," and the restaurants are mostly forgettable. That's the take of Washington City Paper's Lydia DePillis, writing about Wednesday's Georgetown Business Association/BID forum on nightlife. 

"You rarely hear of an edgy, new concept planning to put down roots in Georgetown, which is loyal to its stuffy standbys," writes DePillis.

Linda Greenan, a vice president at Georgetown University, points out that 14th Street and Penn Quarter are filled with people from the neighborhood, while Georgetown's restaurants are more often filled with tourists."I think it has a Rodeo Drive image," said D.C. Nightlife Association president Skip Coburn, according to DePillis' thoughtful blog.

Read the analysis here.

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stewie griffin

why would anyone want to spend millions of dollars and put up with more aggravation, regulations and NIMBYS than anywhere else in the city? It is cheaper, easier and you get more "bang for your buck" on U Street, Chinatown or HStreet NE.

Tricia Huntley

Thank you for sharing this feature in The Dish. It seems that we have all been debating this issue quite a bit lately, so it was nice to read the insightful comments from Skip Coburn and Jennifer Altemus. I've already emailed, Tweeted and Facebook'd the article.

Louis Everard

Simply put, rents are exorbitant and parking needs to cease after 6:30PM. Retailers and restaurants are flocking to areas with appropriate leases and less parking restraints.

Also the community has way too much loading spaces taking up real parking for our clients. We therefore are sending our clients' monies elsewhere.

Leisure Suit Larry

This isn't a topic that needs to be debated nor even discussed. You're being willfully ignorant if you don't realize that no one will ever propose an "edgy, new concept" in Georgetown because as soon as it was proposed the Georgetown ANC would protest it, delay its opening for months, if not years, and cost the business owner tens, if not hundreds of thousands in legal fees and lost revenues. Funny to see people ponder this issue as though it's some big puzzle. Let's not forget this is the neighborhood that the delayed the opening of an Apple store for over 3 years because the ANC did not approve of its architectural plans and made Apple submit more than 4 designs over this 3 year period. You reap what you sow.


Agree ANC and OGB are Horrible!! Who would want to go thruough their long process where they delay, add additional costs to everything. Theyreally need to get undercontrol. Who made them KING????

Georgetown resident

As a long time resident of Georgetown I know that I speak for many of us when I say that I'm delighted that the new concept, edgy restaurants choose other locations in DC to open their new establishments. We have enough people coming to visit without the extra aggravation caused by a trendy new place. Long live the ANC and the OGB! Without them Georgetown would be complete chaos.


Lets get some young blood on the ANC and OGB. As a long time Georgetown resident I am so tired of their silly antics and dictatorship tatics.

Dixie Normace

The ANC is haplessly incompetent. In addition to the lack of new restaurants... it would seem that retail shops have also disregarded new shops in Georgetown.

It is time for Corporate chains to take over Georgetown... sorry ANC. You lose!