Where is Dominick Dunne When Georgetown Needs Him?

Photo by Author's rendering from Carroll Williams photo
Viola Drath and Albrecht Muth
Viola Drath and Albrecht Muth

Sadly dead. You know Dunne would be here if he could, in his horn-rimmed glasses, chatting up politicos and socialites in search of pithy dialogue for the backstory in the tale of Viola Drath's ill-fated marriage to Albrecht Muth.

Georgetown murder suspect, Muth was recently found mentally incompetent to stand trial in the death of his 91-year old wife Viola.  Diagnosis: Delusional Disorder, Persecutory Type and Schizotypal Personality Disorder.

He has been reported to believe he is a General in the Iraqi Army whose confidential dealings with the Iranian government contributed to the murder of his wife.

Drath waas found dead last August in the home she shared with Muth (now 47) in the 3200 block of Q Street.

When the story, even before trial, makes the Sunday New York Times Magazine, can a made-for-TV movie be far behind?

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Thanks for reminding me that DC is more than a government town. I agree that Mr. Dunn would tell this tale is the style that no one else can recreate. Vanity Fair and I miss his writing on the darker side of the society.

Alix Sundquist

We all miss Dominick Dunn, and Viola Darth's case is just one small reason among many.

Alix Sundquist

"The talented Mr. Muth" by Franklin Foer in the New York Times magazine yesterday, though not up to Dominick Dunn's standards, is pretty interesting. It does a good job of describing the pathological personality of Muth, and the blind spot Viola Drath had for him despite several incidents of abuse.


Right from the start I knew we had a sociopath on our hands.The way Viola
depended on him to help showed they both shared East German culture..
The lawyer daughter could have got legal action to get her home and
money under court supervision.But it is not easy to see a parent needing
that kind of help.
Viola had many more years of life.


I read Dominik Dunn first in Vanity Fair..I am sure if he ever visited
DC he would have met the couple at some point...it was enough when Muth
had a restraining order from a male lover he abused and got violent with.