Week One Health Tips

Photo by Nitrolicious.com
Stella McCartney for Adidas running attire
Stella McCartney for Adidas running attire

Last week, we told you about the upcoming Wellness Week sponsored by SpaFinder, taking place from March 19th-25th. From now until then we are going to give you weekly health tricks, tips, and fun facts to help you jump start your wellness kick.

Our first tip is about the importance of movement. Yes, we understand that you may work at a desk in front of a computer nine hours everyday so your options may be limited, and after work you may feel so tired that you don't even have the energy to work out. Not so fun-fact: roughly 250,000 deaths per year in the U.S. are directly related to a lack of regular exercise.*

A half hour a day of exercise is recommended, but recent studies show that shorter, spaced out workouts in a day can also do the trick. So if you're feeling cooped up in your office, break up the day by taking small walks around your building to bump up your heart rate instead of dreading a workout before or after work.


*SpaFinder Wellness Week