We need more bikeshare stations, but where?

Capital Bikeshare has been a hit since it started September 20th. There are 4,480 members and a total of 52,000 trips have been taken. In October alone, there were 36,762 trips using over a million minutes of bikeshare time (that’s an average of about 27 minutes a ride). Those are really great numbers.

They’re so great that DDOT is already announcing that it’s going ahead with its first expansion. Twenty additional stations will be added next spring. Certainly DDOT is going to be hearing from a lot of sides where to put those stations, but GM believes that at least one of them should go to east Georgetown. Right now there’s a bit of a hole in coverage for east Georgetown, and putting a station there would benefit residents and neighbors greatly.

But where exactly? GM’s got a couple of ideas:

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