On the Waterfront: Flooding causes evacuation of Washington Harbour businesses

Washington Harbour April 18, 2011
Washington Harbour April 18, 2011
Donna Krapf was hoping to walk her dog along the boardwalk about 8:30 Monday morning when she discovered she couldn't go down the steps from Starbucks/Bangkok Joe street level to the fountain below.  As she told The Georgetown Dish, "The water was pouring over sandbags that had been placed where the flood gates would have been if they had been in operation. Half a block away no one knew that anything was happening."
Cabanas Restaurant (Photo by: Donna Krapf) Cabanas Restaurant
Tony & Joe's Restaurant (Photo by: Katherine Gregory) Tony & Joe's Restaurant

ALERT DC warned at 6:00 am Monday morning of a coastal flood in the "upper tidal Potomac River along Washington DC through this evening especially around high tide times. Expected impacts...moderate coastal flooding...particularly in Georgetown.“  It was hard to believe given the forecast of “sunny and warm.”  But, by noon the water was lapping K Street and businesses in Washington Harbor were evacuating. 

As of Monday afternoon, MPD and EMS were posting “No parking on the south side of K ST NW, from 29th to Wisconsin Ave NW. No parking from 8PM until 9AM Tuesday morning” signs.

Apparently, the management company in charge of Washington Harbor failed to raise the flood wall needed to protect the businesses and parking garage close to the river.  A D.C. official termed the situation preventable.


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This isn't the first time that they have failed to either raise or keep the walls raised. After Hurricane Isabel they lowered them even though there was another bad storm on the way and the water level was above flooding. I certainly hope the many restaurans will be given ample compensation for the loss of business during peak outdoor dining season while they clean up their flooded restaurants.


The prior comment is wrong - during Isabel the flood gates for the Washington Harbour were deployed on time and worked perfectly. The building and its tenants remained dry.