Update on Effort to Repair Streetlights in Georgetown and Citywide

Photo by Bill Starrels
Bill Starrels, Muriel Bowser, Terry Lynch
Bill Starrels, Muriel Bowser, Terry Lynch
Written by Bill Starrels, Commissioner, Vice Chairman ANC2E, Georgetown
It remains an on-going problem in Georgetown and citywide that too many streetlights are simply not working.

In response to calls to address this issue following recent sexual assaults in Georgetown at locations where streetlights were out, Mayor Muriel Bowser called for a week-long sweep by government staff across the city to identify streetlights that are out and that need repair.  She noted that all sections of the city have streetlights that need attention, and expressed concern about the associated safety and crime issues.

The mayor announced the launch of text to DC311 (32311) making it easier for residents to report streetlights that are out and need to be repaired.  Residents can also call 311 to report streetlights that need repair.  To ensure prompt service, Bowser announced the hiring of an additional thirty-one call center staff.  


On Wednesday evening, Terry Lynch of the Downtown Cluster of Congregations, was able to survey part of the East Village prior to the rains coming in. Over a dozen streetlights were found to be out - 15 in all, along with a light in front of the Georgetown Post Office.  His list is below. These are being reported to 311 for repair.


The mayor also has called for reviewing and updating the system as a whole, to use the technologies now available so that when a streetlight goes out city managers know immediately and can speed repairs. There are over 70,000 streetlights citywide. An updated system will help with the maintenance of the streetlights and could also be more energy efficient.


The prompt response by the mayor and supporting agencies is encouraging in the quest to get the streetlights back on and improve the safety of the city.  



Georgetown streetlights out:


2500 Q Street NW - light on bridge entering Georgetown area, south side of bridge towards Georgetown


1245 29th Street NW


2 out at 30th and M Streets NW - se and sw corners


31st and M Streets NW on 31st at side of Potomac Wines - on and off


31st and M Streets NW, in front of Brooks Brothers store (on and off)


31st and M Streets NW, on 31st at side of The Walking Company


3111 M Street NW - by Urban Outfitters


3122 M Street NW


3140 M Street NW


3150 M STreet NW


1208 Wisconsin Ave NW by Abercrombie & Fitch store


3141 N Street NW


On 31st at Dumbarton, sw corner


3114 Dumbarton


US Post Office - 1 of  entry lights at 1215  31st Street NW - comparable to a streetlight for that block

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Terry Lynch

Thank you for taking this issue on Bill. It can be fixed and is needed citywide.


I can't believe it took 4 sexual assaults for anyone to notice this! This should have been taken care of long ago - or at least people should have known how to use the 311 app so that they could fix it themselves. I'm so frustrated - where are our community leaders????? So little, so late..... (and ps, its still dark in my neighborhood....)