Turn, Turn, Turn: M Street Drivers Can Hang a Left on Wisconsin

Eastbound drivers on M Street will soon be able to turn left at Wisconsin Ave. thanks to a District Department of Transportation decision following an 11-year (yes, 11-year) campaign led by determined Georgetown resident Allan Wendt. DDOT will add a dedicated left-turn lane for all traffic, now allowed only for buses and trucks. DDOT Director Gabe Klein announced the change at Monday’s ANC meeting, to be implemented in about two months.  Eleven parking spaces will be removed from the south side of M Street -- seven eliminated west of Wisconsin Avenue and four east of the intersection -- to accommodate the change.

Wendt, a long-time proponent of the proposal, said it will reduce traffic into residential Georgetown, particularly from M Street to northbound 33rd Street to Wisconsin Avenue.  While he thanked DDOT for finally acting, he quoted from a letter promising to study this change from official Gary Burch dated March 10, 1999.  “They really dragged their feet on this,” Wendt said.

The Georgetown Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E voted unanimously to support the change, also supported by Councilmember Jack Evans.