A tribute to a great man

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Joe E. Robert Jr.
Joe E. Robert Jr.

Family, close friends and colleagues of the late Joe E. Robert Jr. will gather Wednesday for a special lunch in Georgetown to honor the remarkable life of a man who made the capital region and all he touched with his thoughtfulness so much better.

Mr. Robert, 59,  passed away last week after a long illness.  He founded Fight Night for children in D.C. and donated generously to many causes that benefitted children’s health and education.

“He was a great guy, very honorable,” said Franco Nuschese, principal owner of Cafe Milano and a friend of Mr. Robert.   “I hope he inspired a lot of people to do philanthropic work; he certainly was my inspiration. And he taught me that one doesn’t have to have a lot of money to do philanthropic work.”

The private gathering will be at Cafe Milano, which will be closed Wednesday for the lunch until 3 pm  (Dec. 14).


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Alix Sundquist

A short but well-lived life. We can all learn from him.

Peter Rosenstein

A great tribute to a good man.