The things we'll do for Christmas

Photo by Hillary Leeb
Love at first sight.
Love at first sight.

You know you’re in the holiday spirit when you are willing to do just about anything to get a Christmas tree home, even when it means wheeling it back eight blocks on a shopping cart. Last night, my roommates and I walked over to Whole Foods just to browse their selection of Christmas trees. It was Leslie’s first experience buying the now focal point of our living room, and we wanted to make sure she got the whole experience. No surprise, we fell in love with a beautiful seven foot tall Fraser Fir that had our name all over it.

Norman, when he finally made it inside. (Photo by: Hillary Leeb) Norman, when he finally made it inside.
Our love also may have had a little guilt mixed in from asking the Whole Foods tree attendant to unwrap several trees so we could get the full effect, then deciding it didn’t have the right ‘feel’. But in any case, the tree who will hereby be referred to as Norman, was ours and our only dilemma was getting him home. Krysta and I like to think of ourselves as seasoned experts of Christmas tree buying, so we thought it would be super easy to just carry Norman back by ourselves. The Christmas tree attendant was able to hoist the tree up to cut off scraggly branches, so how hard could it be for three of us to carry it a mere eight blocks? Turns out it’s really hard, and pretty much impossible.  

We had joked around about rolling it back on a shopping cart, but the joke turned serious and we decided it was our only option for getting Norman home. Krysta and Leslie positioned themselves on either side of him and I was at the top of the tree attempting to steer us out of traffic. We began the long journey down the sidewalks of Wilson Boulevard stopping periodically to pose for pictures that other people wanted to take of us, to answer questions, and to put down any rumors that we had stolen the tree. We would finally gain momentum and then hear a voice behind us saying “Excuse me, I know this is really weird, but can I take a picture of you guys with the tree?” Thinking we had now become local celebrities, we were happy to oblige. 

Krysta, Leslie and myself posing for our fans cheering us on down Wilson Boulevard. (Photo by: Hillary Leeb) Krysta, Leslie and myself posing for our fans cheering us on down Wilson Boulevard.

The sidewalks are a little uneven so the ride was a little bumpy, but extremely entertaining especially when we walked past the long window at the front of Mexican restaurant Mexicali Blues and saw patrons enjoying a dinner, then stop and stare as if they had just seen St. Nicholas himself. 

Finally, after a 30 minute journey, we made it back to our apartment. It took a little time to get Norman in the stand, unwrapped, and all fluffed out but he now stands proud and serves as a constant reminder of our journey down Wilson Boulevard. Happy Holidays everyone!

Norman all lit up. (Photo by: Hillary Leeb) Norman all lit up.

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Norman looks very dignified and at home in his new surroundings. The Christmas spirit abounds both at the Capitol with the tree lighting ceremony as well as in the homes of its citizens. Happy holidays. To all.