Sunday with ArtSee

Photo by Kate Boone
Photo title: Electricity
Photo title: Electricity

ArtSee’s latest exhibition on Sunday gave a boost to Washington D.C.'s art scene. Nestled between Florida Avenue and 21st Street, Veritas Wine Bar served as the perfect venue for ArtSee’s display of Kate Boone’s work. Appetizers were available for the hungry art connoisseurs who browsed the selection of Boone’s photographs.

Photo title: Art is the Center of the World (Photo by: Kate Boone) Photo title: Art is the Center of the World
Her work impressed the approximately 50 people who attended, including that of new art lover Richard Smith. "She's got such a great view of the city," he says, "I really admire her vision." 

Stay tuned for upcoming ArtSee events, or visit ArtSee to check out more artists in the Washington D.C. area. 

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Thanks Hillary! It's showcasing artists like this that really can show us the talent we have here in Washington! Thanks so much for keeping us informed! Sounds like I should go to the next ArtSee event!