Serene Tea Spot in Georgetown

We stopped in at Ching Ching Cha House of Tea, a serene and charming teahouse. Here, you can enjoy a delicious and beautiful cup of tea, without many distractions. Decorated like many authentic Chinese teahouses, it's a taste of Shanghai in the center of Georgetown.

I ordered one of the flowering teas–what a treat! It is fun to watch as your tea unfolds in your glass into a delicate blossom.

The owner, Ching Ching, opened the teahouse in 1998. She frequently returns to China in order to select the best teas and taste new flavors. She also brings back unique items from her travels, which are displayed throughout the restaurant. We hope she brings back more  new things to try.


Ching Ching Cha

1063 Wisconsin Ave

11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

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What a glorious atmosphere for a cold snowy day! I must become a regular there…