RIS has got the Scoops

Photo by Laura Padgett
Strawberry Sundae at RIS
Strawberry Sundae at RIS

Ice cream connoisseurs, prepare to be wowed. RIS restaurant decided to launch an ice cream Scoops program for folks on foot, bike, or anyone looking to satisfy a sweet tooth in a rush. The flavors change daily, so there is a little something for everyone.

Pastry Chef Chris Kujala makes the impossible possible by pairing unexpected sweet and savory flavors to create one mouthwatering taste. “The great part about this is there are no guidelines,” says Kujala. “We look around the kitchen, see what we have, what’s fresh, and think about what would taste good. Almost everything is trial and error, but it’s fun putting flavors together and seeing what you get.”

Entrance to RIS Restaurant (Photo by: Laura Padgett) Entrance to RIS Restaurant

Among his creative creations:

Bittersweet Chocolate with Port Sorbet: This was undeniably the most interesting flavor, and what’s more, it’s fat free! This sorbet was so rich and flavorful you would have thought you were biting into a chunk of dark chocolate, not a spoonful of sorbet.

Chocolate Bananas Foster Ice Cream: This one wins my award for "Most Authentic Taste." It literally felt like biting into a sugary, chocolaty, sautéed banana.

Espresso Graham Cracker Ice Cream: Super sweet with a perfect crunch.

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream: A traditional fall flavor with an authentic twist. Kujala puts almond streusel in this timeless classic resembling the crust on a pumpkin pie.

Brown Sugar Sour Cream Ice Cream: I was so hesitant to taste this because I’m not the biggest fan of sour cream, but skeptics prepare to be humbled. Not only did I love the ice cream, but it was easily my favorite out of the five. The sweetness of the brown sugar was the perfect unexpected complement to the sour cream.

Chris Kujala, the inspiration behind the Scoops ice cream flavors (Photo by: Laura Padgett) Chris Kujala, the inspiration behind the Scoops ice cream flavors

This half & half and cream ice cream is smoother and richer than the standard milk-based ice creams we are accustomed to having, and it definitely makes a difference. “We are constantly tweaking for the right balance. The taste is completely different when warm than it is frozen, so we have to account for this when making the ice cream,” says Kujala.

The seasonal ice creams will be a fantastic addition to the already popular RIStogo menu. Every day new flavors will be announced on the RIS website along with the daily soups, and farmers’ market selections. RIS friends on Facebook and Twitter should check these pages daily, as the flavor selections are also posted there.

Cup: $5

Pint: $8

Quart: $15

RIS is located at 2275 L Street, NW. Tel: 202.730.2500

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This is one of the restaurants that I recommended, about a block from the hotel. If you don't dine there, you may wish to stop for a snack.