Proposed 2040 Metrorail Network Includes Georgetown Stop

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Proposed 2040 Metrorail Network
Proposed 2040 Metrorail Network

Remember when Georgetown voted down the Metro?  Many regret that decision and consider it a major reason for the area's ever growing traffic congestion, especially along Wisconsin Avenue and M Street.

But now, a new planning map for 2040 by Metro shows a proposed loop around downtown D.C., and includes a stop for Georgetown. The map also shows other new stations, another line in Virginia, and trains circling downtown.

The loop's northern route would travel under M, N or P Street. It would cross the Potomac River in two places, and in Arlington, would run from Rosslyn to the Pentagon.

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More to the point, equipment to bore through solid Georgetown rock was not available in that era. Were there a Georgetown vote, it would have been moot.


I believe it is a myth that Georgetown "voted down the Metro." There was never any consultation with the residents of Georgetown or any group that had a mandate to speak for them. There were some noisy ladies who spoke out against the Metro (unspoken agenda--we don't want to make it easy for young blacks to come into Georgetown). But they were speaking for themselves. The real reason Georgetown didn't get a Metro stop was that the engineers designing the system did not want to have to dig into solid rock under Wisconsin Ave as they feared engineering problems and lawsuits--and there were problems in Foggy Bottom with cracks in the walls of houses etc.

It would have been feasible to bring the Metro to the bottom of Wisconsin Ave., but at the time there was nothing down there except rendering plants, lots for trash vehicles etc. No one foresaw the extensive commercial and residential development we see there today.

But the myth dies hard.


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