President Obama visits Bagley residence in Georgetown

Photo by Page Evans
Police cars block streets in Georgetown as President Obama visits
Police cars block streets in Georgetown as President Obama visits

Georgetown was abuzz -- and in gridlock -- as President Obama visited the home of the late Smith and Elizabeth Bagley, shutting down blocks of P, Q and R Streets between 28th and 30th in the East Village as a helicopter hovered overhead. Obama's motorcade pulled up to the residence at 29th and Q at about 7:30 pm.

The Bagleys have been major Democratic contributors and fundraisers. Smith Bagley, born in 1935, was heir to the R.J. Reynolds tobacco fortune. Elizabeth Bagley, who serves the administration as Special Representative for Global Partnerships at the State Department, was ambassador to Portugal during the Clinton administration.

Last week, presidential possible Sarah Palin slammed Georgetown along with Washington suburbs which she said are living it up while the nation suffers. "They spend, they print, they borrow, they spend more, and then they stick us with the bill," Palin said, adding that seven of the 10 wealthiest counties in America are in the Washington area. "There may not be a recession in Georgetown, but there is in the rest of America,” Palin said.

Palin partied in Georgetown earlier this year at a White House Correspondents Dinner event hosted by media maven Tammy Haddad and others.

While East Village neighbors are used to celebrities, big pols and parties in this liberal lair, not everyone was happy. "If it is the President, it is UNACCEPTABLE for them to close off the sidewalks to those of us who live here and need to get home because the President is being entertained," shot out Ronda Bernstein of Cambridge Place on the neighborhood listserv. "Once he is in wherever he is, the sidewalk should be open. I hope Councilmember [Jack] Evans' office will complain that people couldn't access their homes by foot or by car in a LARGE section."
Democrat Evans noted that Obama faces an uphill climb as next year's election approaches. "It's going to be tough," he said, even before tonight's traffic jam.


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Jack Evans should worry about his own re-election chances after allegedly nomination Leroy Thorpe for one of Mayor Gray's advisory committees. Sulaimon Brown was just in court this week. ... When will the current politicians learn from their mistakes. At least President Obama isn't corrupt and he wisely keeps local politicians at arms length.

Alix Sundquist

Even as a liberal and Obama supporter, I can't but agree with the neighbor's frustration at being unable to get to their houses just because the President is visiting - there's got to be a better way!


I met Bill Clinton years ago coming out of this same residence. It was short after his presidency and I was walking my dog. No one stopped because attention was not drawn to the area. I live 2 blocks down on 29th & O Street. If President Obama arrived in a beat up old car, we would just think he was a contractor doing work and no one would bat an eye and the sidewalks would remain open. I guess he's trying to get as much money as he can for a doomed campaign. He has about as much chance as getting re-elected as a fly does turning into a 747. Give it up. The only place he's popular is Europe and since 40 percent of them suffer with mental illness, they won't care if you tie their sidewalks up. I do!

Alix Sundquist

I fully agree with the first part of your comment...but could not disagree more with the second. I do not think Obama's re-election is doomed - just look at his competition! And having lived in Europe for years, I can tell you they are not insane and do mind if you tie their sidewalks up.


Please cut the guy some slack. His security team has a tough job, and it is they who decide how much security is needed. I am sure The President would prefer to arrive in a beat up old car or even drive himself. The Secret Service can't take that risk. I live on 30th Street and am honored he was visiting the neighborhood. He and his family are part of this community, they have contributed much. If you want to be petty and whiney I hear there are great real estate deals in Florida.


There is a recession in Georgetown. Look at the shops that are closed in Georgetown Mall, or just drive down M Street and see the bread lines outside the cupcake stores. It's truly horrible and heart-rendering. Those poor people who can only wear shorts and T-shirts when they go out for food while the well-heeled can wear tuxedos. I recently stopped my maid from throwing out my tuxedo because I might need it someday, if it still fits.

Alix Sundquist

Those are very good points - thank you!


He's driven this country into the ground. I will cut him no more slack. I was NOT honored he was in the neighborhood. I agree with the previous poster. If there are great real estate deals in FL, please go. You're just the type of person I hate living around.