President Obama chills in Georgetown with Thomas Sweet ice cream

Photo by Mt. Desert Ice Cream via Facebook
President Obama with an ice cream cone in Bar Harbor, Maine last year
President Obama with an ice cream cone in Bar Harbor, Maine last year

President Obama brought his daughters Sasha and Malia and his niece and nephew to Thomas Sweet in Georgetown to chill out with a Fathers' Day ice cream treat Sunday. The daughters visited Georgetown Cupcake just last Friday for Malia's 10th birthday party.

Is Georgetown the Obamas' new favorite family flavor?

According to neighbor and author Carol Joynt, who also broke the birthday party story, "Secret Service arrived quietly at Georgetown's Thomas Sweet Ice Cream shop at approximately 7:30 Sunday evening, asked the customers just to go about their business, and then President and daughters Sasha and Malia walked in to grab some Father's Day scoops of cookie dough and vanilla."

"I was nearby," writes Carol, "walking the dog, and noticed the motorcade." She has photos of the shop and its owner Mohammed Ali.

Last year, Obama caused a pleasant stir by buying a cone at Mt. Desert Ice Cream in Bar Harbor, Maine (photo). Food and Wine Magazine this year named the local shop one of the top 25 ice cream parlors in America. The shop's signature flavor is Jack Daniels ice cream, but the president ordered coconut when he paid a visit.

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* Correction: For SASHA'S 10th birthday, Friday, June 10.

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