Polls and poles drop after Obama visit to Georgetown

Photo by Kiki Ryan
Polls and pole drop for Obama
Polls and pole drop for Obama

It's not just that President Obama's poll numbers are down. Now, his pole numbers are down, too. As captured in a photo by Georgetown resident Kiki Ryan, Secret Service vehicles swarmed around Georgetown's 1789 restaurant and redirected traffic while Obama dined with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, leaving a downed historic utility pole/call box behind. It turns out, one of the redirected vehicles was a Georgetown University GUTS bus that hit and knocked over the pole on the corner of 34th & Prospect. "We've taken responsibility," said University spokeswoman Linda Greenan. The matter "has been referred to our insurance company and will work with all appropriate city agencies to repair."

Ryan, a former Politico sleuth who reported the incident, has just landed a communications role at the Susan G. Komen Foundation. But while the University jumped in to repair the downed pole, Obama's other polls may not be so easy to fix. Georgetown resident Karl Rove had something to say about the polls -- not the poles.

Rove said he is "surprised" that an ABC News survey showed Obama trailing former Massachusetss governor Mitt Romney among registered voters. Obama and GOP candidate Romney are tied at 47 percent each, and among registered voters, Romney is numerically ahead, 49 percent to 46 percent.

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I believe that this historic call box was displaced by a GUTS bus. Thanks to lots of help from Halcyon House & DDOT it has been moved to a safe storage area until it can be replaced. The city is working with the University - not sure how costs will be handled.