Pie Sisters sweeten Regency Row

Photo by Judith Beermann
Erin and Allison Blakely in thier new bakery
Erin and Allison Blakely in thier new bakery

"We grew up baking," Erin Blakely told The Georgetown Dish. Our dad has a local tree service business, and mom would mass-produce blueberry and peach pies. All handmade, and that's what we continue to do." For the three Blakely sisters (Erin, Allsion and Katherine) it's a family affair. 

Katherine, Allison and Erin Blakely (Photo by: Pie Sisters) Katherine, Allison and Erin Blakely

Planning to open the first week in January, the charming bakery on M Street's Regency Row directly facing Key Bridge, is currently taking phone and email orders.

They use only local produce, hand-peeling the fruit and offering customization with pie crust initials and other decorations.

The pies come in three sizes: cuppie ("as accessible as a cupcake"), 7" serving four to five people, and the 9" that serving eight. Starting in January, they will offer vegan and gluten-free.

Holiday pies (Photo by: Pie Sisters) Holiday pies

Visit Pie Sisters for more information and orders. Pie Sisters is located at 3423 M Street. Tel: 202.338.7437

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Virginia Burton

Sounds delish! I can hardly wait to see their shop.


oh, this is awesome :D

Jerry A. McCoy

Sixty years ago 11-year old Joe Griffith lived at 3423 M Street. When asked by a Washington Times-Herlad reporter if children should be paid for doing odd jobs around the house he repiled:

"Yes, for anything around the house. For dusting and such things. And for washing dishes, there should be extra pay. Girls shouldn't get paid, because that's their job, but it's not for boys. I don't think we should do anything around the house just for the love of doing it."

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