Pen in Paw

Wendy and Lucky Diamond hosted the White House Pet Correspondents Benefit for the Washington Animal Rescue League at the Hotel Helix on April 28.  The first annual such event celebrated the release of Wendy and Lucky’s new book It’s a Dog’s World.  Wendy is the staunchest advocate for animal rescue and welfare and the fabulous founder of Animal Fair magazine.

Adorable dogs were celebrated including rescue dogs honoring the Obama’s’ and Biden's pets.  Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his wife Lois dropped by to greet the guests.  Also on hand were Craig Newmark, who had attended a similar fundraiser in San Francisco, and Karen Biehl, who was inspired to drive down from New York with “Eli the Celebrity Chihuahua,” who sports a designer canine wardrobe from his many photo shoots.

The New Yorker has hailed Wendy as “poised to become the Martha Stewart of the bone and the milk dish.”

Washington Animal Rescue League Executive Director Gary Weitzman, Wendy and Lucky Diamond

                  Lucky and Wendy Diamond, Craig Newmark of Craig’s List


                   Ricky-Bobby and Jessica Marks  


BoBama look alike Joy, rescued through WARL from an Allentown, PA, puppy mill


Media star Eli and Karen Biehl (White House Pets 006.jpg)


    Nicole Bagley and Roshanak Ambli with Miss Match

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Ricky Bobby is the cutest!