No More Mie N Nu

Photo by Judith Beermann
Mie N Yu at 3125 M Street
Mie N Yu at 3125 M Street

Georgetown's exotic Silk Road-inspired Asian fusion restaurant/nightclub, yes the same place recently recognized for having one of the nation's top restaurant rest rooms, has closed its doors for good.

(Photo by: Judith Beermann)

"We loved being part of the Georgetown community. We'll miss that," said Michael Cherner, Mie N Yu's general manager, about his staff of 40. "We had a family here." 

Owner John Boyle, and his group, Primacy Management, Inc. decided not to renew the establishment's lease, and the last meal served at Mie N Yu was Sunday.

A statement posted on the restaurant website reads, "It's hard to believe we're closing our doors after almost 10 years on M Street. We've enjoyed sharing our unique food and beverage flavors with visitors near and far, and the whole Mie N Yu family has so greatly appreciated your support over the years. Thank you for dining with us, for welcoming us into your organizations, for spending a few extra moments with us at the bar. We'll certainly miss being a part of Georgetown's vibrant community."