New Georgetown Stream Springs to Life

Photo by Feona Mulholland

Written by guest contributor Feona Mulholland

(Photo by: Feona Mulholland)

It’s been an ongoing mystery as to the new source of water flowing through the middle of Dumbarton Oaks lower Park.


Walking upstream I discovered the source was a newly formed natural spring just below the New Zealand Embassy. 


I believe the source of the spring water emanates from the Embassy’s rainfall run off retention pond located on the Embassy grounds.


Therefore, I have taken the liberty of calling it Wai Puna Springs which is a Maori name meaning wai= water and puna= spring. 

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Carolyn Mulholland Anonymous

Loved Feona’s article.

Jimmy Murray Maremare "muz"

Beautiful Whanau


Good for you. What are the chances there is a significant difference between water run off (though I love your name) and a naturally occurring spring?