My Favorite Chinese Restaurant

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Far East Restaurant
Far East Restaurant

Celebrating the Year of the Snake is a great time to sample the best of this city's Chinese cuisine. My favorite for 20 years has been Far East Restaurant in Rockville, Maryland.

I'm sure there's a place in D.C. that's just as good, but I haven't found it yet. What's yours??

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Funny you should mention them. I just order lunch from there today. Owner Standley is very nice and accommodating. The food is great. My family has had many events here and we think they are one of the best Chinese restaurants in the area.

Ellen H.

I've been the Far East Restaurant in Rockville numerous times when I worked out that way. HOWEVER, in my opinion (and the opinion of a food writer for CNN in 2012) one of the best Chinese restaurants in the country is Harmony Cafe right down at 3287 M Street in Georgetown. It, according to CNN's writer who toured Chinese restaurants coast-to-coast, is one of the TOP 50 BEST Chinese restaurants in the country. To me, and only including all the many Chinest retaurants I've ever eaten in, it is THE BEST! Honestly, it's a hidden treasure. Though on M Street, you descend down an inner staircase into a very cool haven. The service is amazing quick (though the one and only waitress for the 20 years I've been going there) takes your order and sometimes doesn't even write it down. She has NEVER gotten it wrong and it remains the quickest service in town. Can you tell I am head over heels in love with Harmony Cafe? Check it out. It's awesome!!!! I have taken countless friends to this restaurant and they all agree it stands apart...It's tops!

Judith Beermann

WOW, thank you, Ellen! Exactly the the reader feedback I was hoping for! Will try this weekend.

Judith Beermann

You're right, Ellen. Best eggplant with garlic sauce I've had in a very long time. What a great neighborhood find.