Photo by Bill Starrels
Commissioner Bill Starrels and Victoria Rixey visit the Doggetts parking lot, future home of a proposed retail building.
Commissioner Bill Starrels and Victoria Rixey visit the Doggetts parking lot, future home of a proposed retail building.

Written by Victoria Rixey


Like many Georgetowners, I am a big supporter of Bill Starrels for re-election. This is a tough year for our ANC – three experienced and popular commissioners are retiring at the same time, and out the door goes 30 years’ collective experience. That is just one small reason to vote for Bill, who has served our ANC2E with distinction for 16 years. There are many other reasons.

Bill has a vast list of contacts in DC government and in Georgetown, and is very well regarded. He knows everyone, and they spring into action when he asks. In my various roles on the Citizens Association of Georgetown Board, including as its president, I have seen this time and again. This is really important for Georgetowners who want to see results. I’ll give one example, though there are too many to even list. When I chaired CAG’s Historic Preservation and Zoning Committee, I reached out to Bill because we were very concerned that the proposed development on Prospect Street on the Doggetts parking lot would add to already tough traffic congestion. The developer did not have space for an on-site loading berth, so street side loading would be needed. Not only did Bill agree to meet our committee members and the developer on site to look at the problem, but he also arranged for a team of five people from DDOT to join us. From this meeting, Bill was instrumental in brokering a solution that appeased all, including the folks at DDOT. Not an easy task.This is what Bill does.

Bill Starrels excels at forging consensus. I’ll tell you why this is important, as the workings of the ANC are sometimes confusing to people. Each commissioner works with individual homeowners, CAG, or businesses to solve minor problems, but major projects and issues are reviewed by all ANC2E commissioners in executive session and in public meeting. Issues are voted on and the majority rules. Bill may not always agree with his colleagues, but he is respected, to the extent that he has been endorsed by all three retiring ANC commissioners. Bill likes to find solutions among disparate views while keeping the interests of his constituents at the forefront. This is what Bill does.

Bill is a nice and caring man – he does what is right. Years ago, a Georgetown University student died in a basement fire in a house on Prospect Street. I sat next to Bill in Holy Trinity Church at the memorial service with tears rolling down our eyes, and we thereafter resolved to make rental housing safer. We worked with the University, CAG, and all pertinent DC government agencies to begin licensing houses that are for rent, and requiring a DC code inspection. Ten years later, that process is still effective and helps protect vulnerable students. Bill saw a need and took a leadership role. This is what Bill does. 

Bill is results oriented. The West Heating Plant project has languished due to mixed signals to the developer from the Old Georgetown Board. After redesign and redesign, the developer is again ready to go back to the Old Georgetown Board to begin anew the approvals process. Bill Starrels met with the developer and the architect, David Adjaye, last month, and is fully supportive of the new design. He is calling for this project to proceed with utmost haste – Bill understands what his constituents want, and will not stop until this project is approved. And he can certainly help with that. This is also what Bill does.

I don’t see anything his challenger brings to the table except change for change’s sake. Let’s stick with a winner and elect Bill Starrels in ANC2E05. 

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I appreciate your endorsement of Bill, but this is not the Bill I know after being a resident for over 10 years. I have written Bill at times with no response, I see him in photo ops, but not down in the trenches. I've actually seen Lisa more times in the last 2 months than I have Bill in the last four years!

Of course, if Bill wins, I will support our ANC representative as always, But I hope he does the same.

Many people of lower Georgetown feel that they have no voice. Lisa feels like "real" change. Honest, committed and someone to move us forward. I will be voting for LISA!


This endorsement piece follows directly below a piece claiming basic election malfeasance if not outright fraud on the part of Mr. Starrels, yet your comments are not responsive.

Lower Georgetown Resident

The residents of Lower Georgetown are in strong support of Bill Starrels for re-election. Bill has been a fantastic Commissioner!

There is no one who has Bill's first-hand knowledge of the issues and how to get things done for the citizens of lower Georgetown.
Over the years, there's never been an issue too big OR too small for Bill to lend a hand.

Any given day, Bill is walking around our community looking for ways to help, calling in problems and also celebrating in our advances. Bill cares vitally about our community. We are lucky to have him.



Victoria Rixey is an architect in Georgetown. Her and her husband have gone before the ANC many times for their firm Rixey Architects. This is another example of conflict of interest and pay to play politics. I would be interested to see how many times the Incumbent Bill Starrels has voted in favor of Rixey Architect proposals before the ANC.


Really, Bill, you need this endorsement? After 13 years, your actions and achievements should speak for themselves. Dynasty politics combined the old Georgetown boys/girls network is what this sounds like to me. I read the letter your treasure sent to Lisa asking her to stand down. Smells like desperation to me.

Victoria Rixey

I am totally familiar with the facts and these claims are baseless. I could say worse but I won't. I appreciate everyone's interest in this race.


ANC Starrels got our city government to shut down a terrible nuisance property that had afflicted our neighborhood for years. Rats, fights, parking issues and much more.

During his tenure he has accomplished a great deal. More than others currently on his ANC.

If it wasn't for Bill and his relationships in government my sister would have ended up wrongfully at St. Elizabeth's instead he coordinated through his contacts in Mayor's Office appropriate course of action and now she is a productive member of society.

Finally ANC Starrels fast thinking got me to GW Hospital ER in record time during Georgetown Halloween traffic jam; including no passage through sidewalk because of sheer number of pedestrians.

I owe Bill my life and good quality of life.

Doug P. Kennedy

Bill- great luck tomorrow. Marie and kids wish you success. Thank you for your years of service. You weren't kidding when telling us how much of a circus this local election would be. Stay strong and keep up the good fight.

We are with you.