Mayor makes surprise visit to Hardy

Photo by Doxie McCoy
Mayor surprises Hardy students
Mayor surprises Hardy students

Mayor Vincent Gray made in impromptu visit to Hardy Middle School on Thursday.  The Mayor toured the school which has been much in the news since the former principal, Patrick Pope was removed and many teachers and students have sought his reinstatement.  The Mayor stopped by a number of classrooms accompanied by Miranda Woods, a Hardy student who has been particularly visible in asking for his attention an this situation.  He greeted students, teachers and administrators, exchanging warm greetings and compliments.  

The Mayor was also in Georgetown for a press conference-groundbreaking for the long-awaited reconstruction-preservation of historic O and P Streets, including preservation of the historic streetcar tracks.

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Interesting that Mayor Gray would finally pay a visit to Hardy especially after his months of notible silence on the Hardy issues, except for when he spoke the words "I'm not going to micro-manage the schools". A far cry from his position when he was running for Mayor and needed the votes of Hardy parents.

What the article doesn't reveal is that the classroom where the Mayor is pictured, had no teacher in the room and the current principal, Daniel Shea was unaware of the fact that there was no coverage. In fact, the teacher was out for the day and the kids were left to function on auto-pilot. So Chancellor Henderson, how is that new plan for teacher coverage coming along that you promised Hardy parents?

Further, Hardy students crowded around Mayor Gray seeking his autograph. To the kids, Gray is their hero, someone who said he understood what they were going through and that the decision to disrupt their school made "no sense". The truth is, Gray has no intention of helping the kids at Hardy, though they have interpreted his visit as if he will. Their conversations after he left were centered around the hope that something good was going to happen now. Sorry kids... just another chance for a politician to get his picture in the paper.