Life in the Pandemic Continues

Photo by Peter Rosenstein

(Photo by: Peter Rosenstein)

We have all gone through seven months of life in a pandemic. Most of us have managed to adapt to this life or as we call it the ‘new normal’. Time spent alone or with our families or very close friends, in a bubble, trying to ensure we and those around us stay healthy. As I have written before my ability to stay sane has revolved around a number of close friends whom I see on a regular basis and my Java House coffee gang who for seven months have participated in a morning zoom call seven days a week. 

Now while we are all getting tired of this ‘new normal’ it is important we stay vigilant if we are to stay healthy. I give tremendous Kudos to Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser for how she has handled the pandemic keeping people informed and constantly aware of what we must do both individually and collectively as a city. Her success can be measured by the fact we are below a 2% community spread while many around us are at higher levels. 

(Photo by: Peter Rosenstein)

While many of us are doing ok we must never for a moment forget this pandemic is hitting poor communities and communities of color much harder than others. We must all do everything we can to help alleviate the suffering in those communities. While my living alone often leads to some bouts of depression never for a moment do I forget how lucky I am and want to help those who are finding it hard to feed their families and pay their bills. For them it is not getting any easier. We must all encourage our elected officials to focus on those most in need and then do our part by donating to and help non-profits working to assist those most in need. 

For the first four months of the pandemic I ate every meal alone. Now as time has passed I find myself venturing out a little more, always wearing my mask, and have begun to eat out at some of DC’s outdoor eateries. I have lunched at Annie’s on 17th street NW and gone back to having my coffee outside at Java House on Q Street, off 17th NW every morning when the temperature is above 50 degrees and it’s not raining. There are other great options to eat outdoors in Dupont including Floriana, Agora, and Hank's Oyster Bar among others. Even McDonalds now has outdoor tables. It is my hope all the restaurants will get heat lamps to keep outdoor dining viable as many like me will not yet eat inside. 

I still take my afternoon walks around the neighborhood and enjoy the architecture in DC as well as the flowers and abundant greenery we have here. Walking down 16th street from Q Street to the White House is actually a very beautiful walk. I have attached some pictures from one of those walks. I often stop at Black Lives Matter Plaza to pay my respects to the fight for equality we must all be a part of. I look at the White House and pray we will rid ourselves of the current occupant; a liar, sexist, racist, homophobe, on November 3rd. Then when home continue to write my political columns, make phone calls and raise money for the Biden/Harris ticket. I urge everyone with some time to do the same as the future of our country depends on electing them. 

(Photo by: Peter Rosenstein)

I am lucky and have been to my Rehoboth Beach place for a few weeks during the summer before Delaware was put on the DC quarantine list. It was a great change of scenery and gave me a chance to visit some of my favorite eating spots there including Aqua Grille, The PINES, The Purple Parrot, and JAM. I went to three of Joe Biden’s favorite places; Double Dipper Ice Cream, Lori’s Café in the CAMP courtyard, and Browseabout Books. My favorite time each day at the beach is having coffee at Bob and Mel’s The Coffee Mill. One day when I went with friends to Lori’s Café for lunch Lori came out to say hello and told us “You should have been here twenty minutes ago. Joe called in a lunch order and Jill was here to pick it up.”  I kidded my friends saying, “Hope after January 20, 2021 they won’t be able to do that on their own any more”. Since Delaware is back on the DC quarantine list I have only gone for a couple of days for some business.  

Like everyone else I am looking forward to a time when there will be a vaccine and numerous therapeutics to deal with Covid-19. In my estimation that will be sometime in the first quarter of 2021. As Joe Biden has indicated I too will line up to take the vaccine after Dr. Anthony Fauci says it is ok. 

Till then let us all do what we must to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and the entire community as safe as possible. If we wear our masks, wash our hands and stay appropriately socially distant, especially during the upcoming holiday season, we will get through this and live to celebrate beating this pandemic together next year.

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Great article. I’m a Brit who spent four years in Washington D.C. My husband and I loved it and we still miss it.
Stay safe, everyone.