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Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld

“It’s an effortless technique that brings your tension level down. So obviously, it would be great for veterans and that’s why I’m here to support it,” comedian Jerry Seinfeld told Hollywood on the Potomac at the annual gala for the David Lynch Foundation, a “Night of Laughter and Song.”  It was not your usual evening at The Kennedy Center. The issue at hand was to support the programs of the Lynch Foundation which promotes healing traumatic stress and raising performance in at-risk populations, mainly through the practice of transcendental meditation.


The actors and musicians on hand all described their own journeys with TM, stress management and finding ways to relax in life. It was an interesting mix of beautiful songs from Kesha and Ben Folds, to raunchy comedy from Margaret Cho and societal commentary from Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno that would make anyone sentimental about comedy TV from the 90s. It was an evening for a good cause that had people roaring in the aisles….and then going home to meditate.

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Tara G

Great to see Jerry showing up in support of TM and the David Lynch Foundation. Huge fan and believer in the power of practicing TM to live a more balanced and better life - that's my experience anyways. The DL Foundation is doing some seriously great work helping many who can really grow and benefit from it.