Kristen Coffield's New Book on 'How Healthy People Eat'

Photo by Kristen Coffield

As most of us do at the start of the calendar year, this month we are, no doubt, vowing to eat better and exercise more. But what about the rest of the year? How about changing our habits permanently for better health?


Culinary coach Kristen Coffield has written How Healthy People Eat to share how “plant-based diets hold the key to enhanced wellness and disease prevention; and that creating intentional culinary habits is a superpower for productive purpose-driven humans.”

(Photo by: Kristen Coffield)

From tips on how to shop to how to stock a food pharmacy, Coffield shares her passion for culinary resilience helping us 'reset our health to factory settings.'


With a designer’s eye for layout, Coffield has packaged her kitchen companion into enticing bites like these:


* SHOP FOR MEALS VS BUYING FOOD Feeding yourself is a survival skill. Most people end up shopping for food without any idea how it  may fit into a meal.


* COCONUTS, big hairy healthy questions have a big hairy answer! The coconut contains lauric acid, which naturally converts into an extremely beneficial compound.

(Photo by: Kristen Coffield)

Founder of The Culinary Cure, Coffield is a regular contributor on Good Morning Washington, ABC7, and Fox5, where she inspires and motivates viewers to take charge of their health. She is also a regular contributor to The Georgetown Dish.